What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that contain letters and numbers that are automatically stored on your computer, smartphone or other devices you use. Cookies are saved the first time you visit a website, and you can therefore be recognized the next time you visit the website. Cookies are thus used to keep track of which pages you have visited, remember your language settings and other preferences. You can in a more understandable way call cookies for “digital footprints”. They leave information about your device’s move on the Internet so that the website can use your data to improve your online experience.

Cookies do not identify you as a user, but only identify your device. Cookies do not pose a threat to your device and do not access your programs, apps or personal information on your device. In cases where Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S stores personal information, we make this clear. Read about our personal data policy here.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are very important to us, as they make our online services easier to use, enabling us to keep track of how our site is used and thus enable us to provide the best service to you who use ours. website. We use the information we collect through cookies for:

  • to compile statistics on our users’ behavior and use of We measure the traffic on, including the number of visits, which domains you come from, which pages you care about, how long you spend on the individual pages and the overall geographical area you come from.
  • to improve functionalities so that our customers ‘experience on gets better and make it easier to find what you are looking for, including customization and targeting of content, so that the content on matches with our users’ interests and wishes.

What kind of cookies does Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S use?

We use cookies with two types of properties:

  • Persistent cookies that are deleted instantly when you leave the site.
  • Session cookies that are stored on your device with a pre-set expiration date.

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies. This type of cookie is used to recognize you when you return to our website. It makes it possible for us to make your experience on more personal.
  • Analytical cookies. This type of cookie is used to recognize and count the number of visitors to our website, as well as to see how visitors move on the pages, for example. which pages are used for the longest time, etc. This information helps us improve the way our website is built and to see if there are pages that can be optimized.
  • Targeted cookies. This type of cookies can also be called marketing cookies, as they are used to register your visit to, which pages you have visited and the links that are clicked on. The information is used to make our website and our marketing more relevant. We may share the information with third parties for this purpose, as these cookies allow the sharing and sending of information to other websites, eg. Google Analytics.

Click here to see detailed information about each cookie.

Third-party cookies

Third party cookies are the kind of cookie that can target advertisements and marketing to you based on your move on The difference between these types of cookies and other cookies is that it is a cookie that is put on your device from another site than what you visit.

Third party cookies can f. ex. be set by web analytics programs like Google Analytics. Here, Google uses the information to evaluate your use of the JEF A/S website and the websites you visit otherwise. Click this link and read about the use of Google Analytics cookies .

What information does Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S collect?

When you visit, the system automatically collects the following information: Your IP address, time zone settings, operating system and platform, information about which website you came from, country, used keywords, the products you have looked at or searched for, download error, the length of the visit on the pages when interacting with the website (such as clicking and scrolling with the mouse).

If you do not want to leave you a “footprint”

You can delete or block cookies at any time. You do this via the settings in your web browser. Please note that it may affect the functionality of a website if you opt out of cookies and we therefore recommend that you do not delete or block cookies. You can also opt out of cookies via your browser. Different web browsers can use different methods for handling cookies, but most browsers use the shortcut function CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE at the same time if you use PC. You can also follow the instructions from the web browser manufacturers below to configure your browser settings *.

* Note: The instructions above are links directly to the web browser manufacturer – Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S is therefore not responsible for whether they are correct.

You can also find a guide that shows how to delete cookies by clicking here.

A third option is with EDAA, the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), which provides a service where you can get an overview of which players collect information using cookies and the like. when you go online. Here you also have the opportunity to choose and deselect collection. See more here.

Website owner and contact information

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